Bladder cancer is now the SIXTH most common type of cancer in men and women combined, in the United States, with over 74,000 new cases diagnosed in 2014 alone. Men and women alike are affected, and many are not aware of the warning signs, thus delaying detection and treatment.

Before learning he had cancer, Dennis was always quick to lend others a helping hand. Whether it be rewiring a house, fixing a car, lending the use of his tools, or needing advice- Dennis was the go-to guy.

We would like to honor his giving ways by helping to continue the fight against bladder cancer- a disease commonly known as the “old man cancer”, that often gets over-looked for research grants and funds. Bladder cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer among men in the United States, with over 69,000 new cases diagnosed in 2011 alone.

Throughout his three year fight, Dennis was very proactive in researching bladder cancer trials and treatments. He was adamant that more could be done to help eradicate this disease. We’re continuing his fight- please help us do what we can to ensure that bladder cancer can be given the heave-ho, and that other families get to enjoy their loved ones for years to come.